Should you tow your motorcycle or hire a professional?

You go on a trip and you want to bring your bike. Excellent! Do you buy a trailer, rent it, or have your motorcycle transported?

Utility trailer

First, there are flatbed trailers, or utility trailers, which are very versatile. You can add a wheel stabilizer if you do not already have one. It is of course necessary to securely fasten the motorcycle to the trailer with ratchet straps so that it does not move and is not damaged. These trailers are often wide enough to fit two motorcycles.
Be aware that you should never put a cover on a motorcycle that will be transported on an open trailer. The wind will cause great vibrations on the cover, which will rub the bike and damage it.
Remember to validate the weight of your bike relative to the capacity of the trailer.

Closed trailer

If you go far, want to carry your motorcycle during the winter, or have several motorcycles to tow, consider the closed trailer. Although more expensive, it will better protect your precious cargo and you will avoid many inconveniences.

Rent a trailer

If you have just bought a motorcycle and need to pick it up, leave for only two or three days, or move, renting is a very affordable option. In these situations, the purchase of the trailer (and the trailer hitch for your car) is not justified, especially if you do not expect to need the trailer later.
It is also a good solution if you do not have room to leave a trailer on your property.

Have a professional tow your motorcycle

There are towing and transportation companies that offer motorbike transportation as part of their services. Others are downright specialized in the transport of recreational vehicles, including motorcycles.
These companies can carry your motorcycles as far as Florida if you plan to spend the winter there. This saves you from having to travel by car and getting a trailer during your stay.
It’s the ideal solution for those who want peace of mind, but it’s also a trouble-free service when you’re in a difficult situation, such as a mechanical problem or accident.

So, you have to evaluate your needs, and weigh the pros and cons of each of the options available to you before deciding to buy or rent a trailer, or to call on motorcycle towing professionals.

Towing Industry: Back to the Roots

Every day accidents happen, cars break down or sometimes they just ‘refuse to move’. This is usually not a pleasant moment because what we all think of is how to get the car to the garage to have it fixed. Thank goodness, no more worries because there is someone making a business out of these situations- the tow guy. Towing and recovery industry has grown to be a major rescue in incidences where it would have taken a lot of time and manpower to move a wreckage or jammed vehicle. What many people do not know is how exactly it all began and how it came into existence. I am just about to enlighten you on that.

Way back in the early years of the 19th century in Tennessee, a driver swerved off the road and landed in a creek. The father of towing and recovery, a mechanic Ernest Holmes heard about the incident, went up the creek to assist in the recovery of the car. It turned out to be a very tedious and strenuous task as it took him and other nine men over seven hours to get the car to the garage. He thought of how it would have been easier in moving the car had there been a wrecker. Just like Isaac Newton or Alexander Fleming in their scientific discoveries, Ernest had just discovered a better, effective way of recovering broken down vehicles and therefore he started the designing of the first ever wrecker.

He converted a Cadillac and put together a pulley and crane system that he felt would be able to lift broken down motor vehicles. Although his first product did not deliver the wanted outcome, he never backed down. He remained resilient and with the help of other minds in the mechanic field, he got the first towing and recovery truck fully functioning around 1917. Once patented, he built more tow trucks which he sold to garages.

The popularity of the industry gathered the much-anticipated speed almost immediately as the trucks were a highly-needed asset in many regions. Today, towing and recovery companies exist in almost every corner of towns with various modifications being done to suit the current needs.

Unlawfully Towed? Get Some Facts

You have probably had your car towed at one point or another or have witnessed one being towed. What stands out in all the cases is that it never occurs at a good moment and it causes frustrations or fear. What you need to know is that you do have rights against illegal towing. We all don’t like to experience accidents or mechanical breakdowns. Neither do we like seeing people park illegally but we all want counter-illegal measures such as towing to be done legally. How do you then know if it is legal? The towing industry is governed by various regulations that have to be met during towing.

Making sure that the towing is legal, you need to ascertain that you have not committed an offense. For example, have you broken any parking regulations etc? It is therefore important to be familiar with the local regulations. If you haven’t broken any, then the towing company has violated your right. In the case where you breached parking regulations, you need to be aware of the guidelines as well. Do the regulations require you to witness the towing? If so, you need to ensure the towing company abides by the same.

In cases where towing can be done in your absence, you are entitled to a drop fee when you arrive at the scene before the vehicle is taken away. After paying this fee, your vehicle is released back to you. When you feel that the towing was illegal, for example, drop situation or towed when you haven’t breached any parking regulation, you need to gather as much evidence as possible including the location and circumstance.

Additionally, it is your right to have the vehicle towed without causing damages. You, therefore, need to take pictures of the car condition before towing. These come in handy when you need to prove your case in situations where the towing caused car damages. Also, it is also your right to have the car taken to a garage of your choice or one covered by your insurer. Other important points to know include taking key details of the tow driver and also find out the towing cost before you engage in any activity. Doing so will protect you from extortion.

Towing serves a very significant function but only when it is done legally as illegal towing is extortion just to put it plainly as it is. Towing can be very frustrating especially when it is done illegally. Therefore, ensure that you equip yourself with important facts about towing so that you don’t fall victim.

Three Benefits of Using a Flatbed Tow Truck

You leave home for work knowing everything will be fine but, unfortunately, your vehicle breaks down and you now have to find a reputable towing service to move it to an auto repair shop. First of all, remember your vehicle is already damaged or has some issues and possibly need repairs. If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident or a collision, your vehicle could be in need of serious repairs which will cost you a lot of money.

Transporting or rather moving a broken down or damaged vehicle from one location to the other is a risky task that requires an expert. It, therefore, means that you should find a reputable towing company to safely move your vehicle to your preferred auto shop or destination. Using a tow truck to move your vehicle is a great option to avoiding further damage or scratches to your vehicle. However, there are different types of tow trucks, one which tows vehicles by lifting them only on one end and the other which allows the entire vehicle to sit on the truck platform. The two categories of tow trucks work differently. Flatbed towing, which lies in the second category, is the most preferred method due to the following benefits.


When your vehicle is being towed using a flatbed tow truck, it is placed and allowed to rest on the flatbed on the truck’s rear end as it is being transported from one place to the other. Whether you want to tow a boat, an SUV, or any other vehicle, a flatbed tow truck can transport your vehicle. As long as your vehicle fits on the flatbed, it will be towed. Traditional tow trucks cannot transport a wide range of vehicles as it is in the case of flatbed tow trucks.

Less Risk of Damage to Your Vehicle

As mentioned, the last thing you want is having your vehicle gets damaged more as it’s being transported. Remember you already have enough damage that will cost you money to repair. Traditional tow trucks transport or rather tow vehicles by pulling them with the front wheels raised from the ground. Your vehicle is likely to get damaged as it’s moved over a bumpy or rough terrain. To ensure your vehicle’s safety and that of other vehicles on the road, choose flatbed towing instead. Flatbed towing keeps your car safe from damage during transportation.

Convenience and Saves Time

When using a dolly to tow your car, you’ll be required to first remove its drive shaft so as to avoid transmission damage. Well, when it comes to flatbed towing, your vehicle is simply driven up the flatbed platform, firmly strapped, and towed to your destination. There’s no hassle. Loading the vehicle is relatively easy. If your vehicle is damaged and cannot move, a winch is used to load it up. However, if it’s in good condition, you simply drive it up, and you’re good to go. All these save you much time and brings more convenience than the traditional methods of towing.