Should you tow your motorcycle or hire a professional?

You go on a trip and you want to bring your bike. Excellent! Do you buy a trailer, rent it, or have your motorcycle transported?

Utility trailer

First, there are flatbed trailers, or utility trailers, which are very versatile. You can add a wheel stabilizer if you do not already have one. It is of course necessary to securely fasten the motorcycle to the trailer with ratchet straps so that it does not move and is not damaged. These trailers are often wide enough to fit two motorcycles.
Be aware that you should never put a cover on a motorcycle that will be transported on an open trailer. The wind will cause great vibrations on the cover, which will rub the bike and damage it.
Remember to validate the weight of your bike relative to the capacity of the trailer.

Closed trailer

If you go far, want to carry your motorcycle during the winter, or have several motorcycles to tow, consider the closed trailer. Although more expensive, it will better protect your precious cargo and you will avoid many inconveniences.

Rent a trailer

If you have just bought a motorcycle and need to pick it up, leave for only two or three days, or move, renting is a very affordable option. In these situations, the purchase of the trailer (and the trailer hitch for your car) is not justified, especially if you do not expect to need the trailer later.
It is also a good solution if you do not have room to leave a trailer on your property.

Have a professional tow your motorcycle

There are towing and transportation companies that offer motorbike transportation as part of their services. Others are downright specialized in the transport of recreational vehicles, including motorcycles.
These companies can carry your motorcycles as far as Florida if you plan to spend the winter there. This saves you from having to travel by car and getting a trailer during your stay.
It’s the ideal solution for those who want peace of mind, but it’s also a trouble-free service when you’re in a difficult situation, such as a mechanical problem or accident.

So, you have to evaluate your needs, and weigh the pros and cons of each of the options available to you before deciding to buy or rent a trailer, or to call on motorcycle towing professionals.

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