Unlawfully Towed? Get Some Facts

You have probably had your car towed at one point or another or have witnessed one being towed. What stands out in all the cases is that it never occurs at a good moment and it causes frustrations or fear. What you need to know is that you do have rights against illegal towing. We all don’t like to experience accidents or mechanical breakdowns. Neither do we like seeing people park illegally but we all want counter-illegal measures such as towing to be done legally. How do you then know if it is legal? The towing industry is governed by various regulations that have to be met during towing.

Making sure that the towing is legal, you need to ascertain that you have not committed an offense. For example, have you broken any parking regulations etc? It is therefore important to be familiar with the local regulations. If you haven’t broken any, then the towing company has violated your right. In the case where you breached parking regulations, you need to be aware of the guidelines as well. Do the regulations require you to witness the towing? If so, you need to ensure the towing company abides by the same.

In cases where towing can be done in your absence, you are entitled to a drop fee when you arrive at the scene before the vehicle is taken away. After paying this fee, your vehicle is released back to you. When you feel that the towing was illegal, for example, drop situation or towed when you haven’t breached any parking regulation, you need to gather as much evidence as possible including the location and circumstance.

Additionally, it is your right to have the vehicle towed without causing damages. You, therefore, need to take pictures of the car condition before towing. These come in handy when you need to prove your case in situations where the towing caused car damages. Also, it is also your right to have the car taken to a garage of your choice or one covered by your insurer. Other important points to know include taking key details of the tow driver and also find out the towing cost before you engage in any activity. Doing so will protect you from extortion.

Towing serves a very significant function but only when it is done legally as illegal towing is extortion just to put it plainly as it is. Towing can be very frustrating especially when it is done illegally. Therefore, ensure that you equip yourself with important facts about towing so that you don’t fall victim.

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